What Kinds of Workouts Should I Do When Life Stress is High?

We are a culture of more. We often here that we should be working out more, doing more, achieving more, and that more is better. However, particularly in times of high life stress, the last thing we need is to be doing more. With training in particular, our bodies do not know how to differentiate between a stressful life event and a stressful workout. So, imagine life stress is super high, and you decide to do 6 high intensity workouts a week because more is better, right? Nope. This person will experience exhaustion, burnout, and perhaps injury with this schedule.

Honor your personal situation. Take a life stressor inventory. If stress is high, try backing off for a few weeks, and focus on slowing down. Before too long, you’ll have your energy back to hit those heavy deadlifts, sled pushes, or whatever intense thing you enjoy. Do the most courageous thing yet: do less to take care do yourselves more.