Your body is your business.

It’s never okay for other people to judge, comment on, or touch your body. Your body is your own business, no one else’s. So, if you’re uncomfortable with traditional gym settings and tired of the language that body shames us and sparks emotions of inadequacy and anxiety, TAPESTRY IS CHANGING ALL THAT.

I’ve created a safe, supportive fitness space that doesn’t judge–instead, it’s a blended community of unique identities, experiences,
and body types to bring about change, smash the status quo, and lift each other up along the way. I welcome you to join me in this journey.


I say if I’m beautiful. I say if I’m strong. You will not determine my story. I will.” ~Amy Schumer

My Story

My name is Julie Shiller. I come from a family of educators and social justice advocates, and I have always felt a deep connection to working with and supporting communities in need. I remember going to rallies for racial and economic justice with my older sister in NYC when I was just a teenager. That was my first experience feeling fired up about a cause.

This desire to serve led me to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology and Gender Studies and community work with Americorps, before pursuing my Master’s Degree in Social Work (MSW). I initially became a certified personal trainer in 2013, two years after graduating with my MSW from the University of Denver.

My self care involved eating nourishing food and at the time, boxing and CrossFit. I knew the professional work I was doing was important; however, I also knew that my healthy eating and movement practices saved me from depression, anxiety, disordered eating, and made me better both as a social worker and also as a person. I wanted to share this with others.

With the support of my loving wife, I spent the next year training and teaching at local gyms in Denver, and learning everything I could from mentors and books. My clients represented all backgrounds, body types, and fitness levels. However, the one thing all my clients had in common is that they do not feel 100 percent comfortable in traditional gym settings, and I provided a non-judgmental and professional approach to the industry.

I created Tapestry so we can alter the conversation around health and fitness to one of self and community empowerment. There is a need for a fitness space where people can go to learn and become better movers. No egos. No criticism. A space where people do not have to be concerned about being touched or their bodies being commented on during their workouts. A space where they can just show up, do something that makes them feel strong and capable, and go home. A space where we can honor each others’ diversity, experiences, and identities while reducing the stress in our lives, spending quality time with those we love, and doing the things that bring us joy.

My wife and I now live in Long Beach, California. I have short and sometimes pink hair. I love lifting heavy things and being strong because I am able to show up better for the people counting on me both personally and professionally. As a native east coaster, I really like pizza, and, I will not apologize for eating it, or call it a cheat meal. I also love strong coffee, all vegetables and my yellow lab, Sam. Life is about balance after all. We are here to enjoy the journey, AND, also feel good along the way.

You might say that I do this whole coaching thing a little differently.

Each of us has a unique story—our own experiences with mental and physical health, and how we feel when we go to the gym. That story adds richness to the tapestry. Your perspective deserves to be heard without judgment. I can’t wait to meet you and hear all about it.

Welcome to Tapestry—Mind. Body. Lifestyle.


Live outside of Long Beach, California? It’s okay! We can meet virtually with sessions that are set up exactly the same as in-person. I will create your program using the equipment and space you have available to you. Your program will include strength training, conditioning, nutrition, as well as strategies to navigate around a gym setting, build healthy habits, positive self-talk, incorporate regular fun movement, hydration, and activities that will reduce stress. It’s about feeling good in our bodies, not ashamed or exhausted. 


Establish customized nutrition goals to meet your individual lifestyle. You will receive daily check-ins, a 30 minute Facetime/Skype/Voice call per month, and tangible resources to best support you in meeting your goals.


Personal training will focus on your unique goals with workouts tailored to your fitness level, your preferred level of intensity, and your movement patterns. You will learn proper form, technique, and skills to prevent injury and get a great workout. And I am there every step of the way to help you with new movements and challenging exercises. Let’s get you where YOU want to be!


Don’t just listen to me. Read and hear what people have to say:

  • I always know I’ll get a great workout while avoiding injuries

    I’ve been training with Julie for 6 months and I've made incredible progress. After 5 orthopedic surgeries, I needed to change what I was doing for exercise. Julie focused on my mobility from the start and I began to trust her. I now do front squats, back squats, and goblet squats with heavy weights and NO pain. I am so thankful.

    Suzanne D.
  • I am captivated by Julie's ability to motivate me

    Julie is the first one-on-one trainer I've had and I'm captivated by her style, personality, and her ability to motivate. She's able to take into account my own physical limitations and adjust the move to accommodate my abilities. She not only cares about the physical aspects of it, but also the emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects.

  • I didn't feel like I had to explain myself or who I am to her

    I identify as gender queer and Julie has really taken my identity into account when it came to working out in the gym. I feel that she definitely has my back and supports me. She always has something new planned for us. She doesn't take any complaints seriously, and it helps me to realize that it's not that big of a deal and I can get over any hurdle. 

    Li B.
  • Julie makes me feel confident and comfortable

    Julie is very accommodating. She'll push me to a limit that's not a breaking point. It's a limit where I'll grow and it's hard, but it's a good hard. She makes me feel safe because I'm not the most physically capable person, and I'm not small. But she's there with you as you're going through the workout to encourage me and tell me I can do it. 

    Lindsey W.

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